Behind the Shadows w/ Harvey Guillen
Behind the Shadows w/ Harvey Guillen

Season 4, Episode · 4 months ago

The Lamp w/ Anoop Desai


Pen click* Your wish has been granted!🧞‍♂️ Everyone’s favorite Djinn joins us for this special episode of Behind the Shadows! Anoop Desai (@totemsound) talks about joining the cast this season and another fun show you may recognize him from. 👀 PLUS what would the Djinn's three wishes be?

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Straw media. Welcome back to another episode of behind the shadows. I'm your host, Harvegie and a cruse, the show where we talk about all things shadows, all the episodes, all the time, with the talent, prove and celebrity guests. Today's guest is a noop decide. Now we fall in love with that genie face, but have we seen that face on television on another show? And also we asked the genie what their wishes would be. Even it's so whelming, heart bizarre has so tell me you, why would anyone want to be alive, deaf my hair reputation before she arrives? But Trust me, we have way more fun in the after life. We have way more fun. All right, thanks for joining us today. I'm really, really, really really excited for today's guests. It's the one and only a noope decide. Hi, fank you for having me. Yeah, thanks for thanks for having me. This is exciting. I'm really excited. Um, already this season people are talking about your character, the gene or is everyone mispronounces the genie. Do you think that's really common? People mispronounced the right way to say Jeane. Well, you know what, even even my wife who knows the name of my character. I think it's because of Cavan's accent. It sounds like you know, like you you kind of have to like put it in the context of the action. But yeah, I think. I mean that's where it comes from, right, that's where I don't know. Yeah, Gene Genie, or is it spelled like? It sounds like genie, but it's only pronounced gene like, I know, like in Japanese, like what you spell, like what you at this, like this is spelled d e s U, but you don't say that. You at the end to see, right. Yeah, so I wonder if that's kind of like a yeah, I don't know what we're gonna call them. The gene I called the genie, as you know, either or, I think. What what would you like to be called? I think I think. I think the gym, the gene. That works. That works right. Well, I was really excited to have you um this season on the show. It's been so fun. What was your audition process, uh, to to get this role? You know, I was just actually because I knew I was going to talk to you today. I was just kind of looking back at that because at this point it was almost a year ago. That that the audition process started for it, and I think when I when I got the initial appointment, initial audition, I think it was, it was two episodes. Um. It was basically the conversation that we'll see in in episode three, Um, where they're where they're kind of negotiating, Um, about Nandor's wish to have a larger member Um. And so it was.

It was that and I did it with my wife. We were at home in Brooklyn. Um. And then I didn't I didn't hear back for like a month almost, and then by the time I got the offer, and you know, they hit up to I think, four episodes and then by the time we were, I think in the second month of shooting, it was like six, seven, whatever it is now. So it just feels like it's it went from zero to sixty really quick. Yeah, because I remember you were there and you weren't sure of like, I think I'm gonna stay long. They're asking if I can stay longer, and so that's a good sign. That means that you know, as everyone knows, things shift in television at the time. So sometimes the scripts aren't finished, sometimes the storylines changing, and so we were really excited to find out that you were staying for pretty much the whole season, pretty pretty much the whole thing. Because I'm in New York, they would always fly me back and forth to Toronto. Right it's like an hour flight Um, and so that was that was great that I got to spend some time at home in the midst of everything, but it was also a little jarring because it would be like, all right, we're you know, we're back on this second block, we're flying you went for three days, fly home for two days. We're gonna fly you back for a week, fly home for you know. So it was it was very kind of like I'm here, I'm there, but it was such a fun experience, and I mean like it was. It was the best. I had such a great time. It was so fun. And then too, you know, the episode that we just saw is titled the Lamp Um, and tell us about this. Well, this episode is where we meet my character, the gin Um, the gene Um, and it was uh, you know, it's it's kind of I feel like my character in the introduction is very you know, you kind of see him, you you hear him, you're not really sure what his motivations are. You know, he shows up because Nandor has found this ancient lamp and in his ancestral homeland that he brings back to Stanton, the Staten Island, and you know, of course guerremo states the obvious. Why don't you try rubbing it the opposite way? Uh, and I pop out of the lamp Um, and this is the first time you see my character. So I think it's a really important episode for me, a really dear episode for me, because I get to set the stage for WHO this guy will be for the rest of the season. Um, and I gotta just you know I was given the guidance I was given when I auditioned was essentially he's an accountant, you know, he's dry, he's droll, and I just immediately, when I auditioned for this, grabbed a pair of glasses and I had like a pen, like a quickie pen, and I don't know why those two things just kind of stood out to me but um, luckily, props and and you know what, was able to get me those two things, and that's that's really a big part of his identity and you begin to kind of see those and how they how they play into the character in this episode. Yeah, and they really do go so well with the choices, you mean for the character where, like I see the chain and in your body posture reflects how you carry yourself with the glasses are always a little bit a jar over so you don't need them to read up close. Like when you're talking to someone,... kind of sometimes go over these. So it's kind of like perfect the mannerisms. And as an actor, you know, when we see a fellow actor like the choices that make like Oh, that's cool, like yeah, I didn't think about that. That's really kind of that's clever, or when he makes the wish come true and that, you know, with the little pen click. I had done that and then I first I think it was because this was the um the lamp was actually the second episode I shot. I think I shot. We shot episode five before this Um. So that was, you know, I came in with those choices and then I think kyle was directing Um the the other episode and I think I took my glasses off for a second for for for one scene, and he was like what, just just leave him like that the entire time. So that that has been you know, that. That's what the character is, that he never takes him off, he never actually looks through him, like I never actually looked through him. They're just always here. Yeah, and every every time, you know, a director would call action, I'd have to do like, you know, because I can't keep them there the whole time on just on my face, just resting there. So I would have to take him off and put him back on. It was yeah, but I mean that, that's that's who he is. It's just I I liken him to you know, he's that. He's that guy that like maybe he is working for you, like you're paying someone to do something, but you're still like you don't want to bother him. You know what I mean? Who're yeah, you're like, Oh, I'm sorry, could can I can just ask me like a good question. I think a lot of actors, actors, can relate to that. All our friends who don't want to bother their agents, you know, and they're like I didn't want to bother them, and I was like what, that's that's exactly it. That's exactly yeah, you're an agent, Yoah, and it just like it just make the whole posture change, like your whole like attitude change because, I mean, obviously you're an actress, so people would confuse sometimes when they see the person who portrays this character and they're not walking or talking or you know, or Manneris like. I know I get that with like Dietimo, where like people are like wow, you're like not quiet and shy. You know, it's like yeah, that's the character. Um. But with your it's so funny just from like day one and just being thrown into this group of like, you know, actors who pretty much stick to, you know, the group core of like the five, and have people visit and whatnot. How did that feel to be like thrown in there and like which, by the way, you just like held your own and just like played ball and you're like let's do it. How was that experience? I I appreciate you saying that. Yeah, I mean it was. It was a lot of I think it was. It was a lot of pressure, especially that first day, um, that and that first block that we did. You know, I had read before I came onto set. You know, I tried to do my research as much as I could about I'm a fan of the show, but just about the like culture on set. You know that people doing interviews like this and I was just I was a little unsure about like, all right, I know Harvey and Cavan and you know, there they have their leeway,...

...right, like you guys have earned your your leeway and your ability to improvised with each other, and that is, you know, that comes from weeks and months and multiple seasons of working together and knowing the beats and knowing each other's personalities in each other's characters, all that kind of stuff. Um. So I think coming into it the first day, it was a lot of pressure, Um, and I think I you know, I asked one of the directors. I was I think it was I think kyle was directing the episode that I'm remembering right now, but, you know, and I just kind of went up to and I was like hey, man, if if any of this is like too much, just like tell me that it's shut up. You know. And because, because that that was the fear, I think that the way it turned out was the opposite of that, is that this was the warmest, you know, set I have ever been on and not it's it's rare. As a guest too, I feel like, all right, not only am I you know, doing this job and contributions in my like energy and like what I see for the character is being honored by those that are in charge. Um Jana, kyle t and the other characters that I'm that I'm working with the other actors and I'm working with that's I mean, it's just the best feeling in the world to walk into that tight knit community that you know, you guys have built and you guys have earned and still feel like, oh, there's a room for me, there's a room for what I have to stay through this character. Um, this character is, is here for a reason and that's to add something and so to have the freedom to add that it is you know, it seems it might you know, for people listening and watching, it might seem like, oh, that's a given, like why else would you be there? But it's a really rare thing in this industry to actually be able to do that on set when the cameras are rolling. And then, you know, of course, for for our funzies take uh, actually actually have the ability to like contribute and to be a part of it. Now, people might not know this, but we have a thing on set that has now I'm I'm proud to announce uh, kind of traveled and and transfer to other sets, Um, where we say funzies. And so we'll always do the scripted version which, by the way, the scripts are amazing the way they are, but we have the freedom on this set that we are encouraged to improvise, which makes it very nice for the actor to feel comfortable to, you know, own their space in the character and and breathe and connect with the other characters. And we call it funzies. So people listening and watching, that's what we call the take where it's like the one that we got everything, we got what we needed. We know we have it in the CAN. Let's have fun, let's have a Funzie. So we go funzies, uh, and you just get to play and I would say that, Um, you know people like in the creative team, like Jimaine and Paul. In the past I said that. You know, in the editing it's fifty that ends up being scripted and Funzies, which is the improvised version, which is nice because that's what the final product is and people love it. So for... listening, funzies, if you're here, see funzies. That's what we're referring to we have, but also working in Toronto. Wasn't your first time in Toronto. It was my first time in Toronto. Yeah, and I got to I mean it was lovely because I got to go through I felt like three seasons and three months there. When when I when I first when we started the first block of filming in in September, I guess it was, you know, it was like late summer. You know, I was like, Oh my God, I have to I had a Sweatshir and I had to take it off. By the end I brought up my down jacket, you know, for the for the last little bit that we were there. I mean it was it got it got freezing, but I love the city. It was it's such a great city, I think, especially coming from New York. But I remember we got to hang out and it was so funny because my friend Um, who's from Toronto, who we're going somewhere and I forgot. We're all in then Uber together and we're heading over and and he kept u like he kept asking me. He's like, I feel you met him before, and he's like no, no, and he kept putting together and then at one point in the ride he just says out loud, wait a new were you an American idol? Do you remember this? I do, and I wasn't. It was Zack. I think I had such like a like. It was great memory, great memory, great memory. I was. I was shocked because shout out to like, yeah, shout out. That was pretty funny. Yeah, but that's the funny. What talks about your experience. I mean people who might not be familiar with that. But you weren't working out. You have an amazing singing voice, like people might not know this. Weetn't. We didn't get to utilize it that much, you know, singing wise, but people may not know this. Tell us about that. Well, yeah, I mean that was that was really how I got into the entertainment industry. Um, I was I was actually doing, in the middle of doing this, ket my master's degree and I just graduated college at the University of North Carolina. Um, and I kind of on a dare like some you know, some friends, and that we were all going to disper parts of the country. We said, let's let's go audition. So we, you know, we hopped the flight to Kansas City. We auditioned for this and then, for for me, it's really it's just kind of a story of the experience, just like snowballing, like it just kept going and kept going and kept going. Um, and at the end of it all, like, you know, I finished, I guess sixth or or or uh six or seventh, I really don't remember. And I think, yeah, yeah, that rings a Bell Um. And and then, you know, I mean it just kind of went from there, like I I you know, decided that right, I'm gonna be in the music industry. Now that came with a whole you know, set of expectations, of course, coming off of that show. The show is a blessing, but you know, it comes with a its own expectation.

Um. So then I started making music under the pseudonym totem for for years, and Um, I was doing a lot of writing. I was that was, you know, traveling the world. I was writing Kay pop, I was writing in Sweden. I was right, you know. and Um, at a certain point I just kind of missed the camaraderie of of being in a play, you know, like being being on set, because that's something that I had done when I was in, you know, when I was younger, in middle school and high school, Um, and you know, I've I've got certain opportunities to auditions for things and you know it, and it just kind of like, I will say, my experience in the music industry was really, really formative and really, I mean that's that's that's where I grew up. You know, I entered into that industry when I was twenty one on this like giant, giant, giant stage, Um, the the biggest stage I think the television maybe has ever had in terms of something like that. Oh, yeah, it's the PIC of like that's once you do that, it's like you've, you know, in its own way, made it, because it's like wow, I mean to just make it into that show, that grueling process of auditioning, and how many people for that show year after year after year, and don't make it, too even to get on, you know, the final, you know ten or the final twenty even. Yeah, I mean more more talented, you know, people than I didn't make it. You know that, that that I was in the thing with. So it's it's just, well, I mean you know, it's it's a reality show, right, so it has that behind it, but I do still count myself very, very lucky and very grateful and and the whole experience was was a blast. I mean I still, you know, those people are are still friends of mine and and you know, we still keep up with each other and everything. So it's it was, I mean it was. It was just a like funny trip. Like, you know, I hadn't experienced at some point that you're you're on the stage, you're in the in the green room or whatever and like Oh, like stevie wonder just, you know, like walks in and you know we're like performing with Stevie wonder, we're like getting a personal tour of motown from Barry Gordy and Smoky Robinson. Like it's it's like those experiences still like I kind of can't you know. It almost seems like a memory. Yeah, do you think that? You're sometimes your memory is like is that real, like did that happened? Like sometimes I yeah, sometimes you can't wrap yourself around this idea or a memory of like did that really happen or what did I just in my head? Was that a wish that I was making? And then like what, that happened? Right like that really did happen. The the only way that I know that it happened is that, you know, you know, sometimes when you're remembering a dream, you'll you'll be like, oh, yeah, that happened, but when you go back in your memory, like you can see yourself right like if you're remembering a dream, oftentimes you see or self in the dream and that's how you know that... wasn't real because, like, you could never have been at like watching it from that perspective where you're in it. Um, that's the only way that I know that this was real is I do have a very like first person like memory of it. There's footage of it and and there's there's some there's there's some footage, there's some photos that, you know, it's a it's a moment, you know, captured in time, and it's what it is. It's in that moment and it's what it is. It's just a very public growing yeah, yeah, we have. But also, well, going back to this episode of the Lamp Um, what was it like, you know, being on set for the first time ever? You've obviously, Um, do your research. You saw the show. Were you a fan of the show before? I was a huge fan of the show, huge show, and I am a huge fan of the show. So, like, it was helpful knowing that, you know, especially, as you mentioned earlier, like the report that you guys have um it. You know, it comes across immediately on on the screen. I think that's that's one of the reasons that that shadows is so beloved by so many people. Is like it is all about the relationships. It's it's all about the the interpersonal you know, you can you can say, yeah, have the show about vampires and they're, you know, trying to take over whatever, more than there are a couple of blocks of state in island. But the show is really about a family, and so I think having, you know, it more or less seen the home videos for for for three seasons, it helped me to know what this is about. You know, you also have to balance the fact that I'm not, you know, my character is not supposed to know what this is about. I'm still figuring it out. Right, as as the gene, I'm still figuring out. All right, who who are these, you know, people I'm working for? Do I like him? Do I not? Um? But you know, just having been a fan of the show and helped the mentally. Yeah, yeah, I love that. What was your favorite set? So, since you were a fan of the show, I can't imagine what it's like to walk into where you've recognized, hey, that's that's their bedroom, that's Nandoor's bedroom, that's what year most sleeves, that's the fantasy room. What was that like and what's what room is your favorite? I think Nandor's room is my favorite. I mean I did a lot, I spent we spent a lot of time in that room. So it became one of those things where, you know, I got the level of comfort where the set became props and and the and the props became, you know, mine, you know like that. That's and I think that's why I have such a such an affection for that room. Um, I will say the the club. What will become the club? I didn't spend a lot of time in that room. Um, but that in the Chamber of cure reosity is on set. Are are sort of well...

...they I mean in the show too, they're they're they're attached. And so to see to see the chamber of curiosities with the stuff on the wall and just the like immaculate set decoration and all of the work that goes into that and all of the you know, I mean that I was, I was, I was blown away. I was blown away by that even first yea, and yeah, yeah, and and Shane where. I mean, you know, even just when the you know, when we when we see the House uh for the first time this season, right, it's obviously fallen into disrepair and you kind of can get away with thinking, if you're watching it, that it's like, oh, they just they just strew up. You know, there's there's just a bunch of stuff strewn around, right, and just the level of detail that goes into all of that like, quote unquote mess is. I mean, I still can't get over it. It was so amazing. It's there's no mistake in those sets where everything has been like thought through thoroughly, even the mural out over the fireplace with the original three from the movie. Um, and if you look closely and the bottom of that there's a little mural that's handpainted. It's on the on the banister of the fireplace. That's you know, tons of little things all over it. But if you look close to there's a vampire with pink hair, which is kate bunch, which is the original designer for that room, and it's that picture. It's a little Easter eggs. If you look closely, you might find kate bunch in the rubble of like really beautiful artifacts. That that that's a yeah, I feel like there's there's so many of those where you you know if you're not, the camera goes by so quickly, right and and because of and because of the way that, you know, how we shoot is set up, it is, it isn't you know? We we don't have a bunch of setups like and meaning like. We don't. We don't change the positions of the cameras several times to get the same shot. We might change them once or twice, but that is like much less than most shows do, and because of that it's it's you. You can kind of lose those intricate details that I'm so happy every time someone tells me something like that. Yeah, I love that. I mean, I've been on this set for, you know, not going on into the fifth year, and I'll always find something new, I'll always find something. I could be in the fancy room and during in between takes I'll just go through the desk and I'll just like pull stuff out and like there's been times where I've literally pulled out like uh, Disneyland, you know, map from and I was like what, how did this get here? And I was like there's a story there. The vampires want to like, you know, I don't know, like maybe it was a night, you know, version of Disney or Grad now, you know, because you can stay at Disney and all night or something. Did they go on like some kind of like, you know, excursion? There's always like a story and every little piece that you see on the show and that's what the love of our set and that's credit to the main see team that we have. Um, you know, Shane, and...

...just killed it. Yeah, every time. But okay, so you play the genie in the show, but if you had your own genie, maybe we're not so many wishes. Not. So let's say we go with the traditional way of never says three wishes. What would three wishes? Yeah, what would what are those three wishes be? Geez, one of those three wishes, Um, one of those three wishes would be too come back to this show for for, for, for, for another season. I mean that that would definitely be. That would definitely be one of my wishes. That's so great, I think. I think another wish is that I had never had to spend August in New York, in New York City ever again. It's the hottest place in the world. Um, Oh man, and then, and then, and I don't really know. Um, yeah, this, you know, this is why people get into trouble, because because they don't think their wishes. I know this is good, although I would say I wouldn't. I wouldn't. I don't know if I would waste your second wish on that, because if you say out of New York in August, this is what you would do. The character of the show would be like okay, and then they put you like somewhere even worse, like, you know, like you didn't say where we put the Sahara desert or something, and you're like no, you didn't say where, and it's like no, shrimn more details. But it's true. People don't think about their wishes and that's okay. Um. So online people have been talking about the character uh and, and people were saying he has like he has a secret that we don't know, almost like you know when you go to meet like a car salesman or something. It's like, I'm not telling you the truth, which is kind of what the genie is not doing with, you know, Nander, telling him about the wishes and how you can get in trouble. What is his back story that you've given the genie? What is like this, you know, entity that's been around for so long? What kind of like, you know, stories do they have? You know, it's really because I feel like through through the course of our funzies, takes Um at the end, which no one is ever gonna see. Uh, that like I feel like I I developed that because we, I would always those takes were always, I feel like me talking about like, well, I've been in this lamp for, you know, however many thousands of years, like what do you expect me to do? So I my my backstory. I don't know how I came to be, like I think it's a it's kind of a big bang situation as far as how how I came to be. But but I know that I'm thousands of years old. I've been doing this for all that time. I came out of lamp fully formed, so to speak, and that's why I'm just like look at these videots, like what? Like, all right, I've seen this before. I like, I I know who you are. I know you're gonna I know you're gonna mess it up, man, I know you're gonna mess it up. And that's that's like how I get my racks off, is by by Pele me sing... up like that. It makes me, you know, five hundred thousands of thousand years in between when I'm summoning and makes it like all worth it, because I'm just kind of sitting there on on my like pile of gold and sand, just waiting for someone to summon me so I can kind of ruin their lives. You know what I love about the way you play the genius that he always looks like he's like he said, like you're bothering him, like he's busy with something else, like he's doing something when you called him and you're bothering him, and it's like the thought of like what were you doing that, like I bothered you, but he never shows like he's like is that what you want? You know, the way you play him is like, okay, what is it that you want? Okay, because it sounds like he's always he caught him in the middle of something, which makes you think, what is he doing in the left that's so time consuming that it's taken you know, he has he's had a thousand years off and then he has, you know, comes back to and it's like what do you want? It's just like this person must really like their alone time, because they literally are so annoyed when they get some instances. So well, there there was this funny conversation I think I was having with Yana, which another one of one of the directors and Um and, you know, I think I think, I think it was sorry, and we were talking about like wouldn't it be funny, because I think the great thing about shadow too, is there's so many like cross pop culture references right, like it's it's a vampire show, but like how much of the characters really know about the world as it exists in and then, you know, but I think we we had a conversation about wouldn't be funny if he's just like finished watching something like he did, you know, every every every time he gets some and he just kind of like through osmos is just gets to the technology of of the day, like wherever he is so he goes back into the lamp, where he goes wherever he is, and he's just like watching like five, you know, five seasons of Gilmore Girls, just like back to back to back. Remember he was right in his solitude. Um, that's so funny. Well, this year we see the Naja has opened up her own nightclub and it's Najas UH. If you were to have your own signature drink, as the gene or genie, what would that be, and what would what the ingredients would be? It's, it's just makers on the rocks. It's, it's it's just like it's a neat. It's on the rocks to set right. Okay, on the rocks, yeah, because because you know, it's you know, he needs he needs to be cooled off to some degree. But Um, yeah, like not Fussy, not anything. It's just kind of like a listen, I'll sit here and like listen to you, like, but we're not. I'm not going to be your friend at the end of the time. I just I want to I want to system for getting this into me and then I'm gonna leave. I'm not really one for clubs. Like it's it's it's that kind of energy I came in for a drink, I got my drink, I am leaving. He would be like that. He he has no that's what I'm talking about, like he has... time to waste, but all the time in the world. It's it's really and you know, as I got to do a lot of like one on one stuff with Cavan, especially throughout the course of the season, I feel like I hope that people like will be kind of surprised and kind of pleased with how the gene develops and and and and their relationship and also his relationship with with the animal, because I feel like once, once, Um, once, Cavan and I kind of built out like all right, what do the what? What does this relationship look like? It made it made our relationship that much more clear in the spectrum of things, and you know that you definitely hit the nail on the head. It's like I don't have time, but I have all the time in the world. But at the time, you know, at the point that you are you know I'm I'm I'm coming, I'm and I'm doing these these wishes for fernandoor over and over and over again. There is a little bit of an affection and an affinity that that kind of grows, you know, in my in my cold dead heart. So I I hope that, you know, people will will enjoy watching that kind of evolution as well. I love that. That's so great and, you know, yeah, I wish for that wish too. I want the genie to definitely come back. If the gene were to come back, what storyline would you like to see? What's an idea that you've been thinking? That'd be cool. I kind of like the idea that now, now that I've fulfilled whatever I need to fulfill, you know, Fernandoor and, and we will see over the course of the season how that how that works out. Um, I like the idea of, you know him kind of thinking, all right, well, I do actually have a section for these people. I do have an affinity for these people. What if I just like lived out here now right and and got to experience all of the things that I don't get to because I'm always going back in the lamp like that? That that idea about. Like what if the Rosmos is I just like have all the technolog gene, you know, of of the day, like I can, you know, from Staten Island. I can picture the gene, you know, going on a like getting on the B train and going to coney island, you know, and and and like like figuring out like Oh, like wow, this is this is the world, you know, like going on just like a hop on, hop off bus of like New York City, like having having the experience of like not serving anyone and being a tourist, I think would be I just see that as something that the gene like has deserved and also something that could be like super, super funny, because I'm still, you know, I'm still dry. It's like I could see, you know, one of the wonders of the world and still be like well, that's that's nice. Why didn't they finish it? Like that's you know, that makes sense. Yeah, you critiquing everyone, like Oh, that's a wonder. Yeah, okay, yeah, that's fantastic. Well, thanks so much for joining us. This has been an absolute delight. I'm excited for of course, I'm sorry everyone, to see the...

...trajectory of the gene, the genie this season, because it leads up to a very nice moment and it's lovely to have you join us, uh, this season. Lovely to have you join us on the show and if you want to tell anything to the fans who have quickly become genie fans, what do you want to tell them? I'm I'm just, you know, I'm just so happy that that that you know people are a fan of this character. It's I it's such a fun character to play and it's such a fun show to be on. I would just say if if you're a fan of this character, a fan of this show, Um, it's in. All your love is being put into the right place, because this is an amazing show and an amazing group of people, an amazing set and everyone involved with it is you know, I my my heart is with all of y'all. So I just appreciate it and we love you for saying that, because we love you. And where can people check out your music or follow you on socials? Yeah, so, on music, just spotify, if the type and totem t o t e m Um, and on instagram and all that kind of stuff. I'm totem sound so t o t e M S O U N D perfect well, with your permission and legal rights, we will play off with one of your tunes. Okay, and head out. Thanks so much for joining us. You guys. Bye. Behind the shadows as a production of Straw hut media, hosted by Harvey GM, produced by Ryan Tillotson, Amada Sanchez and Tyler Nielsen, original music by Trevor Bumgar and Chris Hendricks, vocals by Maggie Glass. If you don't already subscribe wherever you're listening and make sure to follow behind the shadows podcast on instagram for more behind the scenes content and tune in live every Thursday at one pm Pacific on the what we do in the shadows subreddit for an a m a with Harvey and special guests, because I'm tired of me inside appear. I got a couple was saying, and so I did have in my head my thoughts. Fad even see you next week. I can't escape. I didn't get too many times before I see him. All my look craw changed. I do a fiction that. No, it's looking back. Did you ever love me like you...

...said? Did you ever go try and be hurt your phone? Did you ever love me like you said, because I'm trying to playing for your ship? Smoking phones, me me aside up him. I got a couples worth saying, and so I did have in my head on my coas fading even h I keep hanging on me than you keep me home. Do not to home an it. Stue my spear. Gotta say some dear keep, I keep it, keep.

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