Behind the Shadows w/ Harvey Guillen
Behind the Shadows w/ Harvey Guillen

Season 4, Episode 5 · 3 months ago

BONUS: S4 Episode 5 - Live Reddit Talk


Anthony Atamanuik aka Sean the neighbor joins a live Reddit Talk where he answers questions about Season 4 Episode 5.

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Straw media. Hello, hello, everybody. Hopefully you can hear me. All right, this will be a live m a with Seanny, the neighbor. For those of you joining, thank you so much. If you've got questions for Sean, please raise your hand and we'll bring you on Um. And also, if you are shy, feel free to put it in the comments that I will be happy to read them for you. Breathing. It's sowhelming heart, bizarre has so tell me you why would anyone want to be live does not have a reputation before she arrives? But Trust me, we have way more fun the after life. We have way more fun after lie. You can hear me now, right? Yeah, yeah, I hear you. I can people hear me? Yeah, I know, isn't it every day? It's not just me, I swear. Hi, everybody. How's everybody doing? This is the guy who plays Sean. Yeah, thank you so much for joining us. Uh, if if you guys haven't had a chance to watch or listen to the episode, obviously that's out now. I'm sure we'll be potentially giving some spoilers here for the most recent episode, episode five, and we recently had the privilege of having Uh Anthony as a guest on the podcast hosted by Harvey. So yeah, we had a blast. How how when you're there on set, how how long is that time for you? Um, you mean like the total of time in a shooting day or or uh in a shooting day? I mean it depends on the scene. I mean, for Um, the private school, it was along that whole living room thing. I think we did that entire thing in one day. Um. So I think it was like probably eight or ten hours, maybe twelve hours. And then like in Termes of like are you you're in Toronto for like a month, two months. What's what's that like? Well, that depends on, you know, obviously the extent of shows that I'm in Um. But in the last couple of seasons I I end up being there for about usually broken up, I end up doing like a month and then another month, but there's a space between uh. And then in the season three, because of the quarantine, I ended up being in Toronto for three months almost. So I was there for there was a gap of time where I didn't work for about five weeks, but they didn't want to have me go back and forth just in case there was a problem with the border, you know, because Canada was very strict and the US was pretty strict at the time. So I had like five freewheeling weeks in in Toronto, but during the surge of the pandemic and before I had been vaccinated. So I just basically hit my apartment. Oh No, Um. And now I've just invited Pandah cataplus to speak. If you wanna hit the accept and come on board. I know you said that we're gonna be spoiling a little bit. I'm gonna do a big spoiler. So I want to just from this last episode, though. Is that okay? Bring it on. Okay. So the headmaster that came Um and obviously got the brain scrab scrambles. turned out he got a stroke uh and he died. There's some conversation in uh the episode, discussion about why Sean didn't die, and so I want to ask you why do you think that was the case? Well, uh, I will just preface by saying since I don't write the show, anything...

I say is just simply my speculation, only because, you know, I wouldn't want to uh to jump the incredible creators and writers and everybody who does the show, who's far, far better than I do about what's happening. I guess this is more your personal like my. So my personal take is that, uh, I I think that Sean, you know, it's like, uh uh, if you ever met someone who had maybe a very hard life, they may be self abused a lot when they were young, but then they got clean, they got like sober, right, but let's say they did a lot of different toxic system substances in their system when they were young. Sometimes those people have like just resilient immune systems for some reason because they like abused them so much when they're younger. So I wonder if Sean has sort of maybe he's you know, he drinks all the time and sort of doesn't seem to take care of himself that well. So maybe maybe I'm just immune to the brainstagram because I've actually Sean's abused himself so much that he's immune to it. That would be my best guess, and the other one being that maybe maybe the hypnosis actually hasn't worked on Sean for a little while. But he doesn't want to Um, he doesn't want to rock the boat because he's never had such a best friend as laslow. So he's just going along with he's just going along with it, you know, because he probably doesn't really care ultimately if their vampires are not I love that. Thank you, my boy. All Right, I'm gonna bring. I'm gonna Bring Putrid appearance five o nine right. In the meantime, I've got a question from Polo Lenna. Do you think Sean will become a vampire or maybe a familiar? I feel like Sean is already an inadvertent familiar, like and I feel like he's sort of just uh, familiar by association, Um, even though he does tend to sort of maybe suck laslow into his schemes. But I guess not really. Laslow just sort of sort of just observes it and will go along enough. You know, laslow didn't go and, you know, sell guide pillars somebody that doesn't fully line up. But Um, I don't know, I don't know. It would be interesting if Sean became a vampire because I don't know how much of his life would change. He seems to hang out a lot at night. He doesn't really seem to do too much daytime stuff and I'm sure he could adjust and then he you know, of course he would probably Bite Charmaine and then they would just be together forever in in a somewhat loving and sort of, you know, turn of the century Mediterranean immigrant rage relationship. I love that. Okay, thanks for that future sure, just on. What do you want to ask you a question? I just listened to you on the pod used hello from a new Englander. That was kind of a cool tidbit to learn. So represent love that we've made it to the house. I am so curious. I just read an article with Matt Barry where he said I didn't know how big the show was until people started yelling back at me in the streets in the United States. So I'm so curious. People must yell some really interesting things at you assumptively. What do you yell at you and had there been on your hard times where you've had to explain why someone's yelling rotten soldier? Well, I will tell you, putrid that maybe because of the pandemic. I actually have not encountered. I only think I've encountered one or two people who actually recognized me as Sean, which I would just say is attribute obviously to my incredible acting skill. Uh No, yeah, I know I haven't really had many encounters like that. I do know with Matt that not to speak for Matt,...

...but but to say that I know that doesn't I don't think Matt pays that much attention sort of to that end of things in the sense that he doesn't he just doesn't, I think, consume sort of like is the show popular or not? He just, you know, mat such a sort of journeyman of coming in and doing it and he's doing music and you know, he's taking a million things at the same time. So, Um, I do remember him sort of saying that to me, being like Oh, you know, going back and I don't know, Um, I look forward to people. You know, it's always a mix because I you know, in a previous life I played the former president of the United States, and being and being sort of called out on the street is both fun and also is a little well, you know, it can freak you out too, because you never sort of know what a person's deal was and when I was in political world you really didn't know what someone's deal was. So I would say have a little drama from that. So I'm actually very relieved I don't get a lot of like hey, there you are. As long as it doesn't affect my pocketbook. I want to be popular enough that I get hired. But but, exactly. But maybe if I go to Staten Island, if I take the ferry over there, maybe, maybe I'll get more a shawnees. Okay, you know, if the conviction happens, you could be doing skits from jail and an orange John suit. Of this is true. Yeah, no, no, I don't want to go back and do that. I'm very happy playing, very happy playing shot ghost socks. Hell, yeah, they're they're not doing something great right now. We're hoping they get better. I know, still ghost socks. Thank you so much, petrid. Okay, I'm bringing on some kind of human nerd. Come on in, some kind of human nerd. Hello, how are you? First of all, it's it's very, very strange to hear you not talking in a thick, uh, Staten Island's accent, to be honest. Yeah, I guess that's true. Right, I don't actually have that. I'll tell you a very brief thing, which is that I'm from Boston. Obviously, I've lived in New York for twenty two years, twenty three years, and I've worked around. Obviously a lot of sort of actually a lot of staten islanders and so, Um, I think I do a decent New York accent, but I would not say that I would go down in the world of like great method acting accents. So I had a lot of gratitude when they cast me that almost everyone who was casting me was from New Zealand or England or anywhere but New York. So they didn't catch on that it was just barely going to work, but I've made it better and better each year, hopefully thicker and thicker. So my question is is also a little related to the last episode. So Sean described Guillermo as UH NANDOR's boyfriend back in season three, which was a big hit with the fandom by the way. Um, he hugely into that and uh one of my friends was wondering does he still think that that's the case, that their boyfriends? What do you think his you know, I know you're not the writer, but what is your personal thought on what his take is with all of the couple switch erus in the last episode, because he remarked, you know, Oh, suddenly uh laslow is okay with Nandor porking his wife. So what's going on here? I mean my my guess is, and sort of the way that I approach the character in general in the sort of history of television, right is the neighbor from bewitched,...

Mrs cravits. I think it is, then what it is. Yeah, Gladys Kravitz. The thing about the neighbor to a sort of supernatural home household is you've got to be Um kind of like almost you. There's a little bit of a dowager quality to sean in this sort of like duck soup, you know, legacy and things where where you sort of witness insane things, comment on them and then reset, like comedically, you just reset and go, okay, I accept this and let's move on to the next thing. You need to have that in order for the comedy to sort of survive that. If Sean was too introspective or too complexly thinking about things, I think it would throw a wrench into the works of his sort of total acceptance of everything. So Um, I think in terms of if I was just to put it in my mind, if this is true, what else is true, then I would go I am a sort of guy who doesn't really pay attention to the details, who's probably always kind of scheming for another way to make some money and and and sort of wants to just, you know, coast through life, but enjoys life and has his particular interest and he has these insane neighbors, multiple of them, like multiple roommates and couples who live next door to him, and I would guess that he probably had makes an assumption, just based on knowing them for three or four years, that they are they seem to be always trading partners and dating each other, which happens in like large you know, if you've ever in New York or in Boston and things, people who live tend to a building right, tend to aloft, you tend to have these sort of weird interpersonal things that happen. So I actually don't think it's that crazy that he just accepts whatever the deal is. I think that two things are interesting about that private school episode or one that even though Sean's hypnotized, he has a consistency between each of the resets, which I thought was different from the headmaster, because I keep seeing the changes right, even though I'm a participant in the changes. So that lends me to believe that there's some thing not fully working with the brandon scrambles anymore. But, uh, but I don't know. But in addition to that, yeah, I think that probably Sean does think that they're still boyfriends and and uh, even if they even if Nando is getting married, I would guess the Shahn's like those two guys love each other. Someday they'll find you know, someday they're gonna figure it out between the two of them. You know, and uh, you know, you have people like that. One of the reasons why and Matt and I improvising that scene together and and finding that sort of him coming in to do the kiss and and all that. Uh, I have a cousin like that kind of thing. You know. I I think as they were turning the character and the writing, I also found, or wanted to inside turned the character a bit to reflect more the type of people that I actually grew up with and grew up around and worked with when I worked in a very like Italian stat and island pizza place in Manhattan, where you had people who really present like Yo, how you doing? My name is Blah, blah, blah. Right. But they have, you know, a very diverse task of friends. They have friends of color, they have friends of different sexual orientations as well as a gender presentations. So I think because of that I wanted to sort of it's nice to be able to show that type of character, not be just to die in the world biggot, because I think that that is a good thing to show that there are people who have made dot fit the mold of what we think a forward thinking person would appear to be, right, but that they come in all sort of they come in all sorts of uh, shapes and sizes and classes and regions. Right, yeah, and it's it's really great to see that more working class, I guess, characters that aren't biggests. You know, like Sean said, it's The twentieth century. Yeah, well, that yes, thank you. Thank you for calling out what I thought was one of my finery improvisations. Thank you so much. Some kind of...

...thank you. Yes, I love it. We have way more fun. All Right, I've brought on mega six solutions. I don't know exactly how to say that, but if you cannot meet yourself and ask your question, awesome. Uh, it's a podcast thing. It's a Magostallations, but with six, six, six, in it. I'm into other weird stuff, you know, very cool. Um, I actually didn't have a specific question. I just wanted to say that I love the show and it's one of the things that keeps me going, like things to look forward to in my week. And sorry, I'm getting a little bit nervous because I didn't have a question. No, all right, I'm loving this, please, because I I can feel I can identify with what you're saying about needing things to get through the week and and sort of yeah, especially right now, like with the world how it is, I feel like just fun, light hearted stuff is super important, and so I just wanted to say thank you and like thanks for being a comedian. I guess maybe I should ask the question about getting into comedy or but we're talking about the show right now. Okay, I think you're okay. You don't need to self moderate. Oh, thank you, I appreciate it and I want to say I have the same thing with Um. I want to say that, uh, I feel the same way, and I've said this to plenty of people because I watched the movie what we do in the shadows of my cousin Lisa. SHOUT OUT TO LISA WHO MAKES SOAPS UM AND UH my cousin I will were watching it with her husband Bobby, and I turned to her and I went, man, I know this is what I want to do, I know this is the type of work I'd like to be doing as an improviser. And then years later I got a shot to, you know, do this what was initially a very, you know, small role, and I just jumped at it because I was like just to get to be a part of shadows in any way, you know, because I was a fan. I was a huge fan of the movie. So Um, I would watch this show whether. In fact, I have a hard time watching myself. So the episodes I'm in are almost the hardest ones to watch because I'm so judgmental of myself. So I love the ones I'm I'm not in. I hope no writers are listening to this, because please, I'll be as many as you want. I'll deal with the discomfort. H But, but, but I also look forward to seeing it every week along with I mean I'm a huge trekking, so obviously I watch a lot of trek to Um, so a trekker, I should say, uh so, I I appreciate that and these times are really tough, especially for those of us. You know, I suffered from anxiety and things of that nature, and you need to sort of create things that guide, put guide posts throughout the week, or else you can really, I think, go into a space where it's hard to sort of see the way out, and so I deeply actually appreciate you sharing that Uh and uh. As far as comedy, I just uh, you know, I I uh got into it in high school and in college I did Improv and then I I sort of strayed for a bit and tried on a couple of different hats out Los Angeles, uh and then came back to New York and I joined the Upright Citizens Brigade and started improvising there and and then uh doing stage work. And that's basically I've just on my way into doing comedy three or four, five times a week in New York every week for almost twenty or sixteen years. I guess I I love that. You were persistent.

That's how you do it. That's absolutely you got us. There's no as I used to say when I taught comedy to people, Improv to people, that there is no fast track to this kind of work. You just got to put a lot of time in. Well, thank you so much for answering my questions. Of course. Thank you over your kind statement and question absolutely. Goodbye. I've got three people here that are ready for questions. I'M gonna bring up account terrible. Uh, though, I am scared I'm gonna get something interesting. Um, I think been waiting for ten minutes. Please come on, account terrible, account terrible. Let's see, what will it be? Obviously, from the beginning of the series to now, we've seen Sean have some development, is like from the use grow neighbors too, valued friends the household. And since I hear going to be in a few more episodes in this season, how do you feel about Sean's trajectory as a character from say, dating of the season and now at the beginning of the show? Now I feel very good about it, obviously because I like doing the show. So there is a selfish motivation, which is I like doing the show and I like spending time with everybody and I love the character. So, you know, I think that the first season, you know you were like, Oh, this is sort of a toxic character. I had just come off playing a toxic character in the president. So there wasn't a hard a huge leap for me to do that. And then when they sort of with the superb owel episode, I think gave Shawn some more dimension and that was very exciting. It's always exciting for an actor to to have more dimension to a character because that's obviously more real and you get to play a person in more ways. And I I think that uh as an now it's hard to be completely outside observer, but as an outside observer I like that. You know, he sort of sets this contrast to being very human, you know, because even you know Garmo is is human but also has this you know, vampire hunter Um lineage, right, so he has a sort of magical quality to him as well. So it is nice to sort of be like I am the human representative and I think it's a fun choice to have him be so human, so sort of like emotional and all over the map and and dramatic and, you know, crying and upset and yelling and and yet at the same time being thoughtful and considerate. So I like that complexity of dimension and I love everybody who, every actor on the show. Uh is not only a wonderful person but we really do have a wonderful time together as people and that's a rare thing on a on a TV show, that that everyone sort of has a good time with each other and spends time and and yeah, I'm about to become good friends with Matt Berry, which is, you know, one. He was somebody who I consumed all of his comedy prior to ever meeting him and Um, to meet him, work with him and become friends, that's uh, that's a very wonderful development in life. So, yeah, I like his trajectory. I'm interested to see where Sean will go. Lynn Nick brought just brought you to stage. Hello, hi, Um, I was just I just wanted to say this is probably one of the funniest episodes of the show. For me, I was like laughing constantly. I couldn't even like, look at an ind or half the time without laughing. So I would just love to know how filming it was and how did you guys not break constantly? Basically. Well, I will say that that was definitely one of the more, Um, difficult episodes in terms of breaking that and an upcoming episode was also there, but it was it was um the visuals, and I mean a couple of things.

Uh laslow snapping uh Sal's neck was just hilarious to watch, even like just on set. Um and just sal showing up was really funny. Um, I really did. I actually forgot about the part where Sean stands up and calls hear Mo Ho fop and I was like, Oh my God, I I watched it and Oh my God, I forgot about that and I just thought it so funny because I like the dynamic between between Sean and Guillermo, because they actually have sort of the most proximity and the most distance, like they sort of, I think, don't really deal with each other that much, but yet are around each other a lot, and so I like the confusion that they sort of both experienced with each other. And UH I had Cavan in that makeup was crazy, like it was the most disturbing thing to see in person. And I got to see the doll work, which I had never seen the doll. I'd seen the doll, but I've never seen it actually function on set. Uh and I got to do Um, I got to even do a little bit with Uh Tosh and you know, Natasha and I are really good friends, but we don't have a lot of scenes with each other. So it was really fun to get to do a little bit. And Kyle is new a check, is a great director, Um, and so he lets you really play and do all the fun stuff. So that was uh so. Yeah, it was a lot of fun and it was it felt the most like a classic farce, like almost like a dinner theater farce, you know, like Um just uh really really funny and UH classic. It was felt like a classic episode. Definitely definitely paid off to well. Thank you. Thank you so much, Um Mattaru Hey, thanks for having me here. I'm a huge fan of the show the road, but I wanted to ask what's it like working with what was it like working with Tyke of t and Matt Berry, because it seems like any shows they make together, like a I t crowd, Matt Berries and and Germaine Emplment, there's that kind of special magic that it's like New Zealand humor they kind of bring. It's hard to find. Yeah, it's very dry. I mean the humor that Jermaine and typer brought to the show, which was from the movie, was this sort of dead pan dryness that was jutaposed against sort of absurdity, which I think is always really funny. And you know I'm a huge fan of Wellington P D as well. I don't know if you guys have seen that or have access to wellings and P D, but it's another sort of part of the shadows universe. And UH, yes, I've worked with Jermaine and you know, known Jermaine sort of in and out of my comedy career. I've I've encountered him multiple times and he can't you know, he cast me in this. So I meanternally grateful to Jermaine for it and working with him is wonderful. He directed one of the first episodes I was in and then I was in another episode. I was just in a brief scene where where Tyke was directed. He was very nice and really uh, effective director. Just you know, he's clearly obviously a very effective, funny director who allows people to do their best work. Um, and I think uh, you know, Matt Uh is just great. I mean, what can I say? Matt's wonderful and fun and uh, I probably have my best improvisation with him just also, we worked together a lot Um. But so he's he's game. He's game for whatever, which is what I really like. He wants to go for it and wants to make it funnier and is a talent and the equality that you know when you encounter someone like that, you know they're singular, and he's he's a singular person. Awesome. Thanks so much. Thank you. You got it. Thank you.

All Right, Um, Anthony, are you? Are you good for a few more questions and take this? Yeah, I'm fine. I'm sitting in the office with the A C on. I I'm cool. Okay, awesome. I don't know why I keep leaning forward into the computer and I don't need to because I'm wearing earbut that's a good point. Oh nine, but while I bring them, I've got two questions from Shilla Fox. One of them is, were you star struck when you realize who played your wife, as the audience was when she got cast? Oh my God, are you kidding me? Not only was I star struck, but I got nervous because I was like, Oh God, like I'm like a hack improviser and and here's like a real like Tony Award winning, like my Broadway actor, and Marissa is like we I think we met and we met and within thirty seconds we had sean and charmagne figured out. I think it was not even thirty second and the funniest thing to me was that she we did this first scene where we were yelling in the house and we both dialed into like what we grew up around, which was just people being like shut up, like you know, it's like crazy family. So we did like our version of normal crazy family, and kyle was like, okay, that's good, but like that you got like maybe just a little toned down, and we both later were like what, that's what it's like. That's what it's like. She's the absolute best. Every time I get to work with her is a dream. She's one of the most wonderful people. There's nothing, there's nothing bad to save up. She's just incredible. I love that. I love that. Thanks for the question, shellack. We have M battle owe nine. Welcome. I just want to let you know that accellent this clip, but episode one really tugged. Oh, episode one tugged on your heartstrings. Yeah, a good day. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, I'm bringing on a bitch more only. Okay, all right, well, ditch war comes on. I got one more question from Schilla. Fox. Do you think that Sean suspects that the vampires might be involved in mob activity, considering there in stat nil, and I feel like that those rumors are probably gonna fly more easily speaking as an Italian American. Believe it or not. UH, most of the mob activity probably isn't even instant my own anymore. Um. But no, my my guess is that if Sean is anything, Sean is what we'd call a guy who maybe once in a while runs into things that fell off the truck. So maybe he gets like those pillows, for instance, even though it seems like he was hoodwinked. But like, just to use the pillows as an example, maybe some guy who is connected to some guy who was then connected to organized crime got him the pillows. So that would be, to me, as close as Sean gets to organize crime. Um. But the one thing is is that none of those vampires appear to be remotely Italian, which means that there would be no assumption that they would be anywhere close to at least the Italian mob, maybe the Russian mob, but Russian mob is very, very low key. So I don't think that you would uh, I don't think that that would even be suspected. So No, I don't think that Sean suspects any mob activity. I love it, I love it. Thank you, Um war only. Welcome. I can't wait. Hi, hello, can you hear me? Yes, Bitch war, and I can't wait to say your name ten times. Thank you, Anthony. was saying name like I love and I love hearing... name, which war only. What is your question? I gotta Say I absolutely love Shanny. He is my he's one of my favorite characters, like and I love every single line that comes out of his mouth. I was dying. I literally had to pass the episode and I was dying. When I heard a doll for your dirty dog. I was I was on the floor. Thank you. Thank you. Of course the writers are the ones who were great. They write those lines, I just say them, but thank you. And my question, uh, well, I do a question. That is I learned that most. Well, some of the lines that are my favorite lines from you are Improv and I was so surprised the part where with Leslow, you know, on the episode where where they found out about the pillows and thing. That's one of my favorite things. I loved it so much and I used that the twenty century thing also was in pro so I notice that that's too. So my question is, do you have one favorite line that has been Improv in this episode or some of the future episodes that, like, you don't have to tell us what it is, but like that is your favorite? Yes, well, here's here's the thing one. I really appreciate you saying that that that means a lot to me that you love the character so much, and I do. I am not above always being like, I improvised that. That one's by so I appreciate you calling those out. I do have a line or sort of almost mini monologue that I delivered in an upcoming episode and I cannot say what it is, but I it was the first question I asked of the editor when we were at a emmy event in L A in in June and I said did that make it in and I was told yes. So I am very excited for this line that's coming up in a few weeks to make it into the episode because I think it was really, really funny. So I can't tell you what it is, but if you follow me on twitter when it comes out, I will identify that that is the line I improvised. Just to to keep your scorecard correct. So yes, I do have something coming up that. I was very thrilled made it in. Oh my God, I think I'm even more excited than you. I can't do a bitch more. This has been the best. If I could talk to bitch war only I used that. Jnthyld, thank you. Thank you so much. Hill of Fox is here. We just read two of her questions, or their questions. I'm sorry and welcome. Hello, Ale, what was that? I appreciate answer the questions. That like that kind of mixed my my thoughts on on Sean potentially a way uh, them being in the mafia, but honestly it makes sense. So, like, I'm accepting. I know. Um, I love your performances, Shawnnie, love it so much. Um, I just it's fantastic. Sean as a character is just really great and I'm glad that, like he has more to do, for just like he continued on from later seasons. Um, my question is if you could like take anything from the set of Your House that you know that exists, like you know, no, you won't get penalized for it or anything. What. What would you take from like the basement, where I might sort of hang out basement. Honestly, any part of the house like it could even be the chewel that that Nase says was stolen from her. So, like any part of the House with the basement probably maybe has some more valuable stuff. Well, I was going to say that there if I wanted to take anything, I'm very into so glasses, and there are those sunglasses that belong... barren Tulon, I think it was. I can't remember the line or I never actually watched oceans twelve, so I don't actually know, but I think it's barren talon or something. Sunglasses. I would probably take those because I envied them and talked about them on set a whole bunch. So that would be what I would personally probably take. And besides that, we haven't we only filmed in that house one time. The rest of the time has been sets, so it has to be the basement set. After that point, I guess probably that that board game. I guess that Board Game That that that Colin wanted to play. Yeah, those are those are obviously gage ways. Isn't good to know that you were like, you know, eyeing something doreything. Of course. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Okay. Well, I'm gonna need one more from the comments and then we're gonna put a cap to this. Um My Monti, nineteen is a big Fan, a big fan of your work with shadows, president show, phony coli, and curious if there's any way to send fan mail. Fan Mail? Wow, well, you can always just send a message in the I mean if you're talking like digital mail, then you can just message the phony collie twitter account, which I can drop into the chat if you would like, and you can always message that or message our instagram, both of which will both of which we will receive the mail and see it. Um, we just actually started a reddit thread which we tweeted about, so you can, you can uh go check that inspired by this thing here. So those are the ways. In terms of physical mail, I don't have an anonymous way. You can send me physical man. That's fair enough, fair enough. So keep it digital and UH and UH Anthony will post in the comments there, UM, the account where you can send your your messages. Yes, and I appreciate everything. And of course I appreciate you listening to one of the most unpopular but the love podcasts, the phony and Collie show, which you could get wherever podcasts are. Feel free to listen and there's tons of improvising there. And for anyone who likes you know broad city bevers from broad city, John Gambling is the Co host of that podcast along with me, and we improvise the old it's the closest you're ever gonna get to hearing the type of improvisation that was done in New York at UCB and it's heyday. Would be listening to our podcast. I love that. I will have to check it out. Of well, that sounds like a blast. Um. Well, again, thank you so much, Anthony, for being here and and answering all these incredible questions. Sure, yeah, if you guys have of course. Of course. If you guys haven't yet, make sure to see this most recent episode of the show and also we interviewed Harvey, interviewed Anthony Uh in behind the shadows, the podcast, which you can find anywhere you get your podcast. So Um, that's it for this thank you. Thanks. Thank you, everybody. Bye, bye. Bye. Left the love. It's so whelming. had to tell me. Why would anyone behind the shadows? It's a production of Straw hunt media, hosted by Harvey Gem produced by Ryan Tillotson, Amda Sanchez and Tyler Nielsen, original music by Trevor Bumgar and Chris Hendricks, vocals by Maggie Glass. And tune in live...

...every Thursday at one pm Pacific on the what we do in the shadows subreddit for an a m a with Harvey and special guests.

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