Behind the Shadows w/ Harvey Guillen
Behind the Shadows w/ Harvey Guillen

Season 4, Episode 3 · 4 months ago

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Harvey Guillen joins a live Reddit Talk where he answers questions about Season 4 Episodes 1, 2, and 3. 

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Straw media. All right, we've got a lot of people here. For those of you just joining us, this is a live discussion in a m a with the star of what we do in the shadows heart. Again, there will be spoilers for the first three episodes of this latest season, season four. I hope you've seen him. If you haven't, what are you doing? Go Watch the show, people, come on, it's great. So you're gonna be able to raise your hand uh, and we will call him as we see him, in the order. No preferences, I promise. Breathing. It's sowhelming heart. Bizarre has. So tell me, why would anyone want to be live if might have a reputation before she arrives? But Trust me, we have way more fun the after life. We have way more fun. Lie. So everyone, for those of you who are just joining us, this is a live am a discussion of our favorite show, what we do in the shadows, with the Star Harvey himself. Uh. If you want to ask a question, once we start asking questions, just hit that raise your hand button uh and we will get started. Are you doing, Harvey? You're excited. I'm so excited. I see a lot of people here. I'm really excited to answer your questions, or as many as I can. Yes, unfortunately we're not gonna be able to get to everyone, but we want. We can start right away if you are ready, ready for some questions? Yeah, let's do it, all right, let's bring up the first person I see. Growth come on down, all right, I'm you ask your question. Hi, Um, hi, doing. I was just wondering what is it like working with Matt Barry? Is he just like gliss from the a t crowd, or is he just like way different? What's he likes a person? As you nice she you know, he's really quiet. He's uh, he's really quiet and keeps to himself a lot. He's such a great musician, like when he can pick up any instrument on the set. I'm always amazed at how much stuff he can play, like you can pick up the piano. He's actually wing a couple of the songs that you heard on the show last season. You probably heard, uh, one of the one of the songs that he wrote, which is like vampires like to have some fun and it's like a jingle Um that we all get to sing a little bit around the piano. I think I have the sheet music for that somewhere around here. But yeah, he's just really quiet. We actually were. His birthdays may second and my birthdays may three. So in a weird way where like tourists and touriss him to be very like, uh, independent on their own. So he's very much a tourist, I think. Thank you for the great question. Growl with as a fell Taurus. I agree. Yeah, let's here. Let's see. Um, who is next? Remember everyone, if you're just joining, hit that raise your hand button to come up and ask you a question. We have let's see, a lot of bells, I believe, is the name. Come on down, ask your question. There we go. Hi. Are you doing? Hi, Hi, I love doing great. How are you doing? I'm doing great. Were you calling from? I'm calling from Manchester in the UK. WHO UK? I missed. It was the last place I visited before the world shut down and my good friend, a couple of good friends, lived there in in good old England. Yes, Jelly on England, and I just wanted to ask you. Um, I was reading an interview that you did a while back and you were talking about being a kid and going to first uh Improv class and Um, I've just...

...finished university and uh, not exactly employed right now, and I was thinking that it would be kind of cool if I signed up for an Improv class and I bit the Bulla and I did it and I have it coming up in a few days and I just wanted to know, do you have any advice, because I'm really scared. I think it's the best thing you could have done. I honestly think it is. No matter what the profession you end up doing. I think an Improv class can be great for anybody. It really, it really can. It just you know when I took classes that you would meet all kinds of people who were like public speakers or, you know, practice law. They it just makes you comfortable in a room, in a setting where you can actually hold a conversation and think quick on your feet, and no one ever regrets being quick on their feet. So, uh, you know, it's fine, because I think it's the best thing you could do for yourself, especially going into the workfield. You know it's gonna be uh, it just it makes a difference when you're taking the job interview and and you're just think about as a as a, as a sketch. You're just like today I play the role of trying to get a job and I'm gonna I'm really good. I'm really good at this role and eventually you get the job and then that day you play the role of employed and then you played the role of CEO. So it's just one step and stepping stone in the right direction and I applaud you for taking that. And don't be of course, it's fine to be scared. You'RE gonna be scared, you're gonna have butterflies, but that's part of the fun because you know, you shake them off and then you're part of yourself. Thank you. Thank you. That was really nice to hear. Thanks for Colin. All right, great. Thank you so much for that great question. I love that. Love Improv and there's a lot of it on the show. We can tell it's very, very fun IM PROV happening. We have old increased seventy five. I have invited Um, they might take a second. Well, while we're waiting for them to come up on the concept. On the topic of Improv, I'm curious how much the show that gets to air would you say is Improv I'd say that you know, Um, I think Jermaine quoted. This is saying uh fifty, fifty soft of the show. You see the finals. The final version is scripted and fifty is uh Improv. When we say Improv it's pretty much the same idea that the script had already presented, except the word you might be different. We added a joke, we might have elongated on something. So it's always nice to have the freedom to do that with the creative team because you don't get that as an actor a lot. On sets it's usually like, depending on what you know, stage you're on, people can be very sticklers of like the word per word, like if you miss one of the words, which makes sense the writers, you know, that's their babies, the words and their darling's and so it's it's precious to that. And so you wanted to say it the way they wrote it. And some shows are very specific on the rhythm of the script and the way that it's written, and that's so you have to keep in rhythm. You'll throw the whole balancing off. But with our show we're so great at, you know, being free and and loose with the carversation. That ends up being fifty. That is exciting. And you know what else? Is Exciting is that we have a great name. We have Brittany Shittany up here with us. So, Brittany, what's your question? Hi Holiday, I was just wondering if Giamo ever got Ted into a vampire, do you think he would change his sweater and Cardigan look? You know what I think I would thought about. That's a really good question, Brittany. Uh. I thought about that question because I was like, we don't want to lose elements of old GIMO right because he longs to be something new. So the idea that he would probably have some kind of cool version. I mean, I think it's a cool already, but I think maybe like a vampire cool version if he gets change a vampire, would be very fun. You know, like some kind of like I don't know, the same pattern but on a leather version, like skin tight latex or something that would have the same like engrave pattern into the leather. I don't know, but I...

...think you know Laura Montgomery, who is our costume designer, who just got nominated for an emmy for this show for costume design, which is a big accomplishment. I'm sure she will whip something up amazing. I love where she's taking Germo's wardrobe and we collaborated on last couple of seasons with the idea of like the vest, the Blue Vest, the rolled up white sleeve, striped pin stripes shirt with the brown gloves that have now become part of people's Cosplay, which I'm so excited to see a comic con this weekend. I saw pictures already, but it's it's really exciting because whatever she decides is the Wardro for the characters will be someone's like costume next year. Well, that's incredible. I'm really so stars right now. It's so great talking to you. Thank you so much. Thank you, Brittany. Thank you so much. Problem Uh, you mentioned comic con really quickly before we go on. You have a panel coming up, don't you? I do. We have a panel Sunday and hall H, so the Big Hall. If you're done a comic on come down and see us and also, if you know tickets, you know are sold out and stuff for some of the events. But if you come down on Saturday there's gonna be a kind of a greening of cosplay, so you know where your best yet and more best Gizmo or best character. Just come on down and uh, and there's gonna be a gathering, I think at around one o'clock. It's the it's a one thirty on Saturday at the San Diego Bayfront Lawn, so at the on the Hilton San Diego Bay Front Lawn. That's Saturday at one thirty, and then on Sundays at one thirty at hall h if you want to come see us in the hall at one fifteen, sorry, on Sunday one fifteen. Uh and I think. Yeah, specific standard time. Yes, yeah, great, uh. Perfect. Well, I think we're all the fans are excited to hear what we're gonna find out at comic con. Speaking of fans, we have another one up here. That is Monday's our TURDS, great names. I'm hi, hi, for blessing our timelines with those instagram pictures from you. And came on at Disneyland that just like. It was so awesome to see Um. Can you tell me what was your favorite like attraction or thing that you introduced him to that day? Well, for me it was the fact of seeing Cavon's reaction to everything, because he's never been to Disneyland and so I promised him that I would take into Disneyland and had been on hot you know, it's been put on hold for a couple of years because the pandemic, and I said we're doing it the next time, hometel A, I'm taking your Disneyland and he says, all right, man, oh right, all right. He's like, I can't wait. And then he wanted to you know, I had this plan like Oh, we could have dinner at club thirty three and like make it really nice for him, and he said no, man, just want I want corn dog, I want to just popcorn, want, you know, I want to sweep some and he just wanted to do all the things that you would do if you would to Disney for the first time as a kid. And and we did that. You know, we go at the Corn Dogs, we've got the ice cream, we ate our way through Disneyland and California Adventures and and thankfully, you know, people in our group were there to like take pictures, my sister who was kind enough to like, you know, take the just for me, and we're able to post that and apparently the fans really loved it, because they did so well on Tiktok. We got like one day. It was like one point something views or something, and that was insane and I was like, wow, we should have just made a whole show episode of Disneyland. People seemed to I would watch that. Yeah, thank you so much. Thank you. That looked like a lot of fun. I have to say always like it was so fun. It was so fun. He had a great time. We were exhausted by the end, but we had a great time. It was and it was just nice. It was a nice, perfect day. Well, that is that is very exciting. Quent to Disney for the first time, something that he probably will not forget. No, all right, uh, Soy rain, I think I recognized that name from our discord server. Come on down, Soy rain, got to turn on your microphone. There you go, you got it. Uh So, I was wondering looking into that's about how got it there lamenting SISM, like is...

...he getting more, you know, Sassy, or I don't know, he is getting a little Sassier, isn't where? Where are you calling to me from? Um, but why? Oh, I just love to hear everyone's from around the world. Um, he is becoming a little Sassy, or you're right, I think he's going to be into his own with confidence I think for over a decade he was submissive to Nandor and and then remember when he started realizing that none of the familiars around him are getting turned into vampires, except for by accident, like Jenna, who got turned into a vampire really quickly in season one, and then finding out that Benji Nando's old familiar had never been turned into a vampire for so many years. He's starting to see that if he plays by the rules, sometimes, you know, you don't get what you want because you're playing by someone else's rules. So, you know, it's the old saying if you well behaved, people seldom make history, you know. And so he's stepping out of line and he's stepping out of line, contesting the waters and finding out that he's more powerful than the things, and I th it's a good message for all of us that were more powerful than we think. Just in our own space, holding our own space, we give our so much power of ourselves to someone else, like to our employer, to the relationship we're in, to our parents, to anyone uh that we give that power to. The power is yours to have, our yours to give. And with the animal he's starting to regain his power and he's more powerful than none of us could imagine. Thanks so much, Harvon. Thank you. We have we had some people who unfortunately could not make it today because of the time and you know not everyone can come, and left questions with us, uh, so that you could still get a chance to hear they're great questions. This comes from stranger teddy, another escort user. I love this question. They say they really enjoy the premise of GARMO and laslow Co Parenting Little Baby Colin, uh, and they want to know what your reaction was when you've read about that plotline for the first time. Well, I was surprised because, I mean usually, you know, the adventures are taken by Um Nan Doren and Guillermo or Colin, and you know uh and Matt, or Natasha and Matt. So this is the first time that Matt's character and my character got to kind of play together. It took US till season four, but we really don't have scenes together. So I got to spend more time with Matt this season and people really seem to like the dynamic between us. Um obviously he's a comical actor, uh, super funny and talented, so it was nice to do scenes with him because of his approach and having guermo's energy bounce off of him and being like a parental unit. It's so funny and you'll see in future episodes there's more of that. I think it's the next episode as well, an episode, Um, is it four and five? You'll see more of that as well, for them acting as parents to the baby Colin, and it's just funny because they take a role on you know, the one of these good cop warns a back cop at certain times. One of them plays more maternal Um and it's just it's just funny to watch some of the art as well that somebody just did. I saw online. So yeah, it was just fun. It was fun to play that. I like when they make us play different characters like that, where or not differ character of different hats for the characters. It's really fun. I think of all the plot lines this season that the audience is really grasping onto, you know, Garmo being a dad, people find it adorable. Speaking of adorable, look at this little narwall hat. We have bicture only on your icon. Come up, ask a question. Oh my God, how well you got done? Okay, we got a caller from all the way from Mexico, from Yucatan. You guys, I'm really excited. Yeah, I love where the peop from around the world. Yes, it's so exciting to do it talking to you.

Actually, my question is kind of related to the last question. Um. Well, we've seen so many sides of Germore right, like we've seen so many sides of him within the familiar side, this layers side, the friend, the best man, and now we see the memo right, and it's so cute, like we're enjoying it so much, independent and I just want to know what's your favorite side to be playing? UH, for Gullermo. You know, that's such a great question. Um, I really I just love when he gets to try different things and I really have enjoyed his van heusing side, I will say, only because it shows him in the in the in the full version of strength that he can have, and it makes him, if you notice, whenever he's in his you know, bodyguard or van heusing mode, he stands differently, he talks differently, he carries himself differently, and I like that, Guero, because he's a confident Guillermo and he's a Badass and no one can, you know, funk with him, and so I like that, Vietmo, but I also like his nurturing side. And this this season. Um, you know, he says something along the lines of my mom used to work a lot when I was little and I had spent a lot of time alone and no kids should have to go through that. And so he he feels for Baby Colin. And, you know, and that's understandable, you know, uh, coming from like immigrant parents, myself, like, who are hard working, had to have several jobs to just support the family. Like you start, your siblings become you're you're also co parents and they start looking out for one another, and so I feel like he had take on the role of a parent for for Baby Colin, only just because he will not let this child, you know, be raised in a in a room full of vampires who have no natural it's been decades, you know, our centuries, since they could potentially even consider being a parental figure and what that entails. So it's good for him, Yetimo to stay, you know, stick by, because he was gonna leave the house. So he's gonna I like this character. I like the maternal theo man more because it's soft, it's sweet, and HBO also is that he will protect the whole household to no end, so don't, don't mess with him. Thank you, Harvey. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I love with people from all over the world, such a global audience for this show. Yeah, perfect. It looks like we have someone from Al Canadar here. We have Nandora's sister, sister of NANDOR UNDERSCORE XP. Hello, hi, happy Thursday. Hi, where you calling from? I'm calling from California. It's about it's near San Francisco. That's the best way I can describe it. Oh, we're the same state. We're neighbors, we neighbors. Thank you so much for having this, of course, and I'm right now. I'm having a star struck moment. Thank you so much, Harvey. Oh, yeah, great, you know now. Thanks for coming on and I'm decided to do the we'll be doing this every Thursday at the same time, so if you missed it this time, you can join us next time. And if I don't get your questions this time, I'll get to it next time, hopefully, but we'll try to get it every week. That's amazing. My question is darn, I mean what we're doing the shadows. Um, like the behind the scenes. What's your favorite moment? What your favorite moment, moments behind the scenes of all seasons? Oh, that's a good one. Um Gosh, behind the scenes moment? Well, there's so many, just you know where it is having guest stars, like we have like Nick Kroll come on and the first time we had Christoper Sewan and now she's back when we see her more as the UH, as the guide, just just doing stuff behind the scenes. You know, Christy and I go have dinner together and Kava and I go get ramen and uh so stuff that when we're filming we get to do together, stuff that's really nice and and lovely. Um, and I like behind the scenes on set.

It's just always fun, like I think it's just like fun, like it's just watching. You know, Natasha walked through ten feet of snow with their gown and it just gets soaked in the end and it becomes heavier than anything. She can't even walk then. It's like it's stuff like that where it's like wow, people can only see this, like what it takes to make this kickball scene with Gail. You know, that episode was fun because we shot in the snow, but it was freezing, but it was fun. I was bundled up, I had like my jacket and had a big hoodie. Um. I just feel bad for like that costume that Nandor or that yeah, Nandor Natasha and Matt Berry Ware. Their costumes were brand new, altered, like handmade, beautiful, but also the mature was like crushed velvet and we were in the snow and it was the worst combination because if that, you know, if crush velb gets wet, it gets damaged. Uh. and. So we were doing a swing. We were just joking on a swing. I think there's video this online somewhere where Nander's pushing me on the swing and he's joking and he turns his back and I come back from the swing and I hid in and we did video and he falls down backwards and the costumes and I was like no, because he falls back into the snow and his brand new red coat made out of crushed velvet and she has just designed it and spend months. She's like no, don't. Luckily did not quit those fresh snow. So it came off like powder off the back of his coat and no one you know. No, it wasn't trouble, but would like to have fun like that, but sometimes the fun like that could be like, oh no, we shouldn't have done that because they're wearing a brand new costume. Thanks. One more question. I'm so sorry. What's your favorite color? My favorite color is probably teal. Oh, I love you. That's very color. Thank you so much. Thank you. Oh, I feel horrible now. Um. Sorry, listen, I have a good one. I heard you have a good one. Um. Another question from someone who couldn't make it similar to the last question, talking about, you know, behind the scenes moments. One for nine from reddit. I had a great question. They said that Guillermo is, you know, the straight man of the series in some ways and he takes all of the ridiculous vampire, you know, drama stone cold seriously. But who, both character and actor, makes you, you know, real life, you break character the most. I mean that's a really question. I when we just had Christin Shaw on the show. Um, on behind the shadows, and if you haven't caught up, you can catch all three new episodes right now anywhere you listen to the podcast. Uh, and we just released all three today. So go on over and take a listen, because Kristin knuck talks about this as well. She was saying again, Christina Mel tries. She goes, how do he you're the straight man in the show and everyone you know that's hard to do and I was like, you're right, it's so hard to be in the show because these characters are bigger than life, like every time I'm in a scene with them. It is so hard to contain my guillermo like face and mannerisms because he's so grounded and he's so like the straight man. And you know Nandor is, you know, he's just bigger than life, and Natasha's character is flying and yelling at at you know, Um and Matt Barry's character and and all the characters can be these slamboyant, bigger versions of a human and Germo has to be so subtle and soft and quiet. So it's hard because I want to break character and cancer it's like an extra layer. But who? The person who does make me break character a lot is Cavon. Cavon, it will be the only person, and he knows that I hate bringing character because I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to that. That he shows apologies, I'm sorry and I'm sorry. Okay, I won't do it. I won't do it again. And then they go action and he starts laughing at his own joke or something, and then I start laughing too, and it's just like it's like a ripple effect. There must be dozens of, not hundreds of hours of bloopers somewhere in a vault that they won't release until probably the thirtieth anniversity or something, because I have not seen them, and there's so many good bloopers out there. I know that people would love to see, but Um, it's just there's so much. But yeah, we came on. It's can people live for...

...the behind the scenes content? So I love that. Yeah, I try to keep that going. You know, I try to like always show as much as I can, and that's the reason I started the aftershow, which is originally, you know, on on I gene and now we moved it over to this podcast format, but that's what the reason I started was. It was supposed to be a one time thing, one time episode for the Premiere because it was during the pandemic, and then after that week people are like, well, see you next week and I was like Oh no, no, no, no, it was just one one time, and then they're like, well, you know what, what am I what else am I going to be doing? You know? So I did it at a necessity for the audience to see behind the scenes, and then they kind of grew into this thing where people really really do enjoy it and they get messages all the time as it coming back next season? Is it coming back next season? So now I feel like a loyalty to the fans that like, I want to give you as much footage behind the scene, stories and guests and all that. So that's why we we continue it with behind the shadows. Uh. So that leaves us time for me the one more question and then saying goodbye. So who's going to be the lucky person and to get their question asked? I will give it to the person that's been waiting the longest. Twenty two minutes. futured appearance. Five, Oh nine, if you want to unmute your mic. Oh, they're gone. All. Oh No, that's okay. The next longest person corn on the coby. or Oh, maybe they just wanted to listen. They didn't want to participate. Maybe they accidentally that's possible. Hey there. Can you hear me? H Yep, tylre, thanks for having me on. What are you calling from? I'm calling from good old Los Angeles right now. Oh cool. Yeah, so I was wondering. I grew up being big fans of shows like the monsters and Adams family and uh, I haven't really seen many horror themed sitcoms since then that have at least been as successful as those or what we do in the shadows. So I'm wondering. Were you a fan of those shows? Do you think the show takes any inspiration from those, and why do you think we don't see more horror sitcoms, just the regular old friends or Seinfeld? Yeah, that's really a question. Um, I think that, you know, for me, I grew up watching reruns of the monsters and all those black and white, you know, Um horror films that I did watch, and also watched him in Spanish because dad would watch him Um and my dad's Spanish speaker would watch a lot of black and white films and Um, and that's kind of how it was introduced into that world, because it looks so familiar to me, because I was like wait, what's this Um? So in a weird way, was watching Spanish black white movies with my dad that I got introduced to, like the monsters and stuff like that, because it was it looked familiar when I would see it on English TV Um, and so I I love I have always loved it. I've always loved like the Adam family, I always loved the monsters. I think that they're making a comeback. I think that this is the renaissance of of of horror comedy, just because in the last couple of years alone, you know, Forbes magazine named the Best Horror Comedy last year was where was within, which was I was lucky enough to be in uh, and when you film a movie you never think like Oh, this is gonna be the best of this list and this is whatever. So it was really surprising to find out, you know, that it was getting accolade and attention where it was, especially from Forbes. You know. I was like, well, the hog magazine, uh is now telling us what, you know, they think the horror comedy is, and it was number one on their list. I was like, okay, so I feel like this weeging to come back. It's it has to be done in the right way. I feel for maybe a couple of decades horror comedy wasn't hitting, maybe because it wasn't presented. So you know, it's it's Hollywood is fickle like. If you don't get it right the first time, they don't try right away. So if it's a hit, they keep doing it until people get burned out out of it. And so I think for a couple of decades it wasn't being done maybe perfectly in the right way, and I think we've kind of gone the formula down again, uh, to the way that it was in the old days with the monsters and whatnot, where it has to be really funny, has to be really relevant, has to be met up, but also classic. It has to be it has to be a lot of things and has to wear a lot of layers and hats, and I think we're getting that down Um in the last couple of years. So I'm excited, I truly am.

I think that horror comedy is making a huge comeback in and is here to stay for a while. Thanks, man, I appreciate it. Thank you all right. Well, that's gonna do it great question to end on. Uh. So, for those of you who still have questions, uh, you still have your hands raised. We're gonna be doing this every week. Very exciting, same time, one pmpst weekly. And it's possible that your question got answered on the podcast. So Hardy. Can you tell us where we can find the podcast if we want to listen to it? Yeah, you can find it on apple, you can find it on spotify, you can find it on Straw hat, you can find it all everywhere. You pretty much listen to all your podcasts. Uh. And also, I'M gonna be here next story, so gonna get to your questions. I'll get to them next Thursday and if I, for whatever reason, can't do it in a mole on set, the person who knows me the best and knows all the answers to most of these questions will be doing it, and that's my sister, a mother, not Amanda, but a mother, and she'll be joining you when I can't. But I'm pretty sure I can make most of these um but I look forward to more of your questions next time. Great. Well, thank you so much for coming, Harvey. Thanks so much, I did, and have a good one. Have a good one at comic con. Very exciting. I'm gonna be there this week. I don't forget to come on down to Um the panel on Sunday at one fifteen in hall h and come on down to given if you don't have a ticket to comic con, just come on down. And if you want to get drissed up and join other shadows cost players coming down to the lawn at the Hilton at one thirty on Saturday, we're gonna be there. You never know, wink wink. You never know who might be walking by. All right, well, that's gonna do it for us. Thank you everyone for coming out. We will see you same time next week. Bye, everyone. Bye, sowhelming. Pizza has to tell me why anyone want to be behind the shadows is a production of Straw hut media, hosted by Harvey Gian, produced by Ryan Tillotson, Amada Sanchez and Tyler Nielsen, original music by Trevor Bumgar and Chris Hendricks, vocals by Maggie glass and tune in live every Thursday at one pm Pacific on the what we do in the shadows subreddit for an a m a with Harvey and special guests.

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